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Triple H Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

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In the world of professional wrestling, athletes are not only known for their in-ring skills and larger-than-life personas, but also for their fashion choices. Sneakers have become an integral part of wrestling culture, with many wrestlers showcasing their personal style through their footwear. From iconic Chuck Taylors to the latest releases from Jordan Brand, sneakers have made their mark in the world of wrestling.

Early Days on the Court

Before becoming a WWE Hall of Famer, Triple H was a two-sport athlete, excelling in baseball and basketball. When reminiscing about his basketball days, Triple H mentions that he started off with the classic Chuck Taylor All Stars. He recalls the transition from cloth All Stars to the all-leather high tops popularized by Larry Bird and Magic Johnson. Growing up in New Hampshire, Triple H was a fan of the Boston Celtics and often watched games featuring Larry Bird, Robert Parish, and Kevin McHale.

However, Triple H’s mother was practical when it came to his basketball skills. She believed that expensive sneakers wouldn’t make him a better player, so he stuck with more affordable options like Converse. Despite his love for basketball, wrestling would eventually become his true calling.

From the Ring to the Streets

Although Triple H is often seen in suits for his role as a CCO, he still appreciates the sneaker culture. He acknowledges the difficulty of transitioning from dress shoes to sneakers, but recognizes that sneakers have become a trendy choice in the business world. Triple H aims to up his sneaker game and stay in touch with the evolving fashion trends.

One of the most interesting aspects of wrestling culture is the wrestlers’ choice of footwear outside the ring. Triple H shares that during his time on the road, he often wore Chuck Taylors because they were convenient for travel. Their ability to lay flat in his bag and take up less space made them the perfect choice for someone constantly on the go. He recalls being amazed by other wrestlers who carried suitcases dedicated solely to their extensive sneaker collections.

The Intersection of Wrestling and Sneaker Culture

In recent years, there has been a significant overlap between wrestling and sneaker culture. Many WWE superstars, such as CM Punk, Dominic Mysterio, Kofi Kingston, and Roman Reigns, have embraced the world of sneakers and regularly wear Jordans both in and out of the ring.

Triple H appreciates this intersection and believes it helps connect the younger generation with wrestling superstars. He mentions that some wrestlers even ask for permission to wear their street clothes, complete with their new Jordans, for their in-ring segments. Triple H supports their fashion choices and recognizes the impact of sneakers on both the wrestler’s style and their connection with the audience.

The Travis Scott Effect

One of the biggest stars in the music industry, Travis Scott, has made a significant impact on sneaker culture. His collaborations with Nike and Jordan Brand have consistently broken records, and his influence extends far beyond the music world. Triple H acknowledges Travis Scott’s cultural impact and compares it to that of Michael Jordan.

According to Triple H, Travis Scott’s authenticity and ability to connect with the youth make him a vital figure for sneaker brands. Unlike other celebrities, Travis Scott genuinely understands the wants and needs of his fanbase. This authenticity has contributed to his success and has made him a valuable asset for the brands he collaborates with.

Wrestlers and Signature Sneaker Deals

Triple H believes that wrestlers, just like Travis Scott, have the potential to secure signature sneaker deals. He argues that wrestlers have a significant influence on popular culture, with their entrance themes, catchphrases, and even fashion choices being adopted by fans across the world. He mentions that Cody Rhodes, Jay Uso, and Roman Reigns are just a few examples of wrestlers who could benefit from having their own signature sneaker lines.

Triple H sees the aftermarket value of wrestling memorabilia, such as vintage DX T-shirts, as a testament to the lasting impact of wrestling culture. He recalls the days when he first realized the immense popularity of wrestling and how fans would mob him in malls. The Attitude Era, which Triple H was a part of, is now regarded as a significant part of pop culture history.

Looking Ahead to WrestleMania 40

As WrestleMania approaches its 40th anniversary, Triple H expresses his excitement for the event. He believes that wrestling is currently in another era similar to the Attitude Era. The crossover between wrestling and popular culture is evident with the likes of Travis Scott and Bad Bunny getting involved in WWE. Triple H aims to make WrestleMania 40 the biggest event in history and is confident in the ability of wrestling to captivate audiences worldwide.

With his family in mind, Triple H embarks on a sneaker shopping spree, picking out shoes for his loved ones. He appreciates the assistance offered by the staff and acknowledges that sneaker shopping can be intimidating. Triple H is grateful for the opportunity to showcase his personal style through sneakers and acknowledges the impact of sneaker culture on wrestling and beyond.


Sneakers have become an integral part of wrestling culture, allowing wrestlers to express their individuality and connect with fans on a deeper level. Triple H’s insights highlight the significance of sneakers in the wrestling world, from their practicality during the demanding road schedule to their role in shaping popular culture. As wrestling continues to evolve, it’s clear that sneakers will remain a powerful tool for self-expression and connection within the industry.

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