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LSU Coach and Student Athletes Press Conference

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In a recent press conference, LSU coach Kim Mky and student athletes Flo Johnson, Angel Ree, and Haley van lith discussed their experiences and reflections on the team’s journey. Despite falling short in their recent game, the LSU team showed resilience and determination. Throughout the conference, the student athletes shared their thoughts on the challenges they faced, their growth as individuals and as a team, and their plans for the future. Let’s take a closer look at the key points from the press conference.

Adversity and Resilience

Angel Ree, one of the student athletes, expressed pride in the team’s ability to overcome adversity. She acknowledged that they had faced numerous challenges throughout the year, including injuries and personal setbacks. Despite these obstacles, the team never gave up and continued to fight. Ree emphasized the importance of maintaining a positive mindset and giving their best effort during the game, even if the outcome wasn’t what they had hoped for.

Haley van lith also acknowledged the talent and skill of their opponent, Caitlyn Clark. She recognized the difficulty of guarding her and praised her ability to hit tough shots. Van lith highlighted the importance of executing their own roles as a team and acknowledged that ultimately, their opponent played better on that particular night.

Angel’s Leadership and Impact

The student athletes spoke highly of Angel Ree’s leadership and the impact she had on the team. They emphasized her strength, caring nature, and the confidence she instilled in them. Angel Ree’s teammates praised her ability to make them believe in themselves and credited her for their growth as players. They expressed admiration for her resilience in the face of media scrutiny and negativity. Despite facing numerous challenges and criticisms, Angel Ree remained strong and focused on her goals.

Future Plans

When asked about their future plans in basketball, Angel Ree stated that she would make a decision when she’s ready. It’s clear that her journey has been filled with hardships, including death threats, sexualization, and other forms of negativity. However, she remains determined to stay true to herself and hopes to inspire others, especially young girls, to be confident and resilient in the face of adversity.

Reflections on the Game

The student athletes reflected on the game and identified areas for improvement. They acknowledged that turnovers and missed shots played a significant role in their loss. They took responsibility for their performance and expressed a desire to learn from their mistakes. Despite the disappointment of not advancing further in the tournament, they recognized the importance of these experiences in their growth as individuals and as a team.

Coach’s Perspective

Coach Kim Mky provided insights into the team’s strategy and performance. She acknowledged the challenge of defending Caitlyn Clark, a highly skilled player who elevates the performance of her teammates. The coach also expressed pride in the team’s accomplishments and recognized the growth they had achieved throughout the season. She discussed the importance of learning from the game and the team’s ability to overcome challenges.

Impact of LSU-Iowa Rivalry

The LSU-Iowa rivalry was highlighted as a positive influence on women’s basketball. The student athletes acknowledged the significance of being a part of history and playing against talented opponents. They recognized the increased viewership and the impact it has on promoting women’s sports. The rivalry between the two teams creates excitement and contributes to the growth of women’s basketball as a whole.

Reflections on Teammates

The student athletes showed great respect and admiration for their teammates. They spoke highly of each other’s contributions and highlighted their qualities as individuals and players. They emphasized the importance of teamwork and the support they received from one another. These positive relationships and the bonds formed within the team are a testament to their unity and resilience.

Coach’s Final Thoughts

Coach Kim Mky expressed her pride in the team’s accomplishments and the growth they had achieved. She acknowledged the challenges they faced and the lessons they learned throughout the season. The coach emphasized the importance of reflection and analysis to further enhance the team’s performance. She also recognized the emotions experienced by the players and their investment in the game. The press conference concluded on a positive note, highlighting the team’s determination and commitment to the sport.


The press conference provided valuable insights into the LSU team’s journey, challenges, and aspirations. It showcased the resilience, leadership, and unity of the student athletes, as well as the guidance and support provided by their coach. Despite their loss, the team remains determined and focused on their growth and future success. The LSU-Iowa rivalry and the impact it has on women’s basketball were also highlighted, emphasizing the importance of promoting and supporting women’s sports. Overall, the press conference was a testament to the team’s resilience, unity, and commitment to the sport.

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