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The Hermitcraft Mail Delivery System! – Hermitcraft 10 #3

by Alicia
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Excitement in the Air

Hermitcraft is a server that never fails to entertain. With constant projects and activities, it’s no wonder that players on the server have a deep love for it. One such player is our protagonist, who can’t help but express their adoration for the server. From the camaraderie to the endless possibilities, playing on Hermitcraft is a dream come true.

A New Project Begins

Today, our protagonist embarks on a new project, one that has been shrouded in mystery. There have been whispers and spoilers, but the project remains a secret to most. However, our protagonist can’t contain their excitement. They can’t wait to dive into this new endeavor and see just how amazing it will turn out to be.

The Main Farming Area

But before they can fully dedicate themselves to the new project, our protagonist has another task at hand. They have decided to transform the area below the iron farm into their main farming area. With plans for multiple small to medium-sized farms, this space will become the hub of agricultural activity on the server.

Our protagonist has already put in some hard work, digging and flattening the area to prepare for the farms. They envision a bustling space with farms of all kinds, each contributing their products to the factory on the surface. From iron to honey, the possibilities are endless.

A Dull Farming Project

Not all farms are created equal, and our protagonist knows this. They acknowledge that some of the farms they have in mind may be considered dull. Take the bamboo farm, for example. While it may not be the most exciting project, it serves a crucial purpose. Bamboo is a valuable resource, providing unlimited sticks and planks, which are essential for their upcoming factory.

Our protagonist opts for a simple design, avoiding complicated flying machines that have caused them trouble in the past. Instead, they go for a straightforward 100-block long, two-units wide design. The goal is to see just how much bamboo they can produce and ensure it meets their needs.

A Perfect Bamboo Farm

After some adjustments and a bit of trial and error, our protagonist completes their bamboo farm. They are delighted with the outcome, as the farm is the perfect size and produces an impressive amount of bamboo. This farm is just the beginning, as many more farms will soon join it in the main farming area.

Our protagonist has big plans for the future. They want to transform the area into a bustling hub of activity, filled with various farms and their unique products. From kelp to sugar cane, every farm will have its place. Our protagonist envisions a space that is not just functional but also aesthetically pleasing, with each farm beautifully showcased.

Introducing the Hermitcraft Postal Service

But the excitement doesn’t end there. Our protagonist has an even bigger plan in mind – the creation of the Hermitcraft Postal Service. They approach two fellow Hermits, Tango and Scar, with their proposal. They pitch the idea of a postal service on the server, a way for Hermits to communicate and send packages to one another.

Tango and Scar are immediately intrigued by the idea. They see the potential for a unique and exciting addition to the server. They believe that with their combined skills and expertise, they can create something truly magical.

Designing the System

With the help of Tango and Scar, our protagonist begins designing the intricate system that will power the postal service. They lay out the plans for a network of portals that will connect the entire server, allowing Hermits to send mail to any location, no matter how far away.

They explain the concept of chunk loading and how it will ensure that packages are delivered even when players are not present. The system utilizes clever Redstone mechanics and item filters to ensure that mail is delivered accurately and efficiently.

The First Test

After hours of hard work and meticulous planning, it’s time for the first test of the system. Our protagonist and their team are both nervous and excited as they prepare to send their first package through the network of portals.

They choose Scar as the recipient of this inaugural mail. With a stamp and a package in hand, they press the button and eagerly await the results. Moments later, the sound of the gong fills the air, signaling the successful delivery of the package.

A Successful Delivery

Scar is thrilled to receive his first piece of mail through the Hermitcraft Postal Service. He opens the package to find a familiar item – his own shovel, which he had previously lost. The excitement in the air is palpable as the team celebrates their successful test run.

An Exciting Future

The introduction of the Hermitcraft Postal Service marks a new chapter in the server’s history. Hermits can now communicate and send packages to one another, fostering even more interaction and camaraderie.

With plans to build mailboxes across the server, our protagonist and their team are excited about the future. They envision a bustling network of Hermits, eagerly sending and receiving packages, each one filled with surprises and well wishes.

The Hermitcraft Postal Service is more than just a convenience – it’s a symbol of the strong community that exists on the server. It’s a testament to the creativity and dedication of its players, who constantly strive to make the server a vibrant and exciting place to be.

So keep an eye out for mailboxes popping up across Hermitcraft, and get ready to send and receive mail like never before. The Hermitcraft Postal Service is here to stay, and it’s ready to deliver happiness, one package at a time.

Disclaimer: This blog is not affiliated with Hermitcraft or any of its members. It is a creative work inspired by the Hermitcraft server.

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