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TRENDY TOYS in LEGO Recreating and Testing Popular Childhood Toys Using Lego 

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In this blog post, we will be exploring the exciting world of Lego and its ability to recreate and test over 10 trendy, popular, and iconic childhood toys. Lego has always been known for its versatility and endless possibilities, and in this video, the creator takes on the challenge of building various toys using Lego bricks. Let’s dive in and see how these Lego versions of beloved toys turned out!

Nerf Gun

The first toy that the creator attempts to build is a Nerf gun. Using a Fortnite pistol as a reference, the creator constructs a colorful Lego version of the Nerf gun. To make it functional, a working trigger is created using a rubber band. Pulling the sliding piece in the back and locking it into place allows the gun to be primed. Pulling the trigger releases the bullet, just like a real Nerf gun. It’s impressive to see how Lego can be used to recreate such an iconic toy.

Hot Wheels

Next up, the creator tackles another beloved toy, Hot Wheels. A tiny red sports car, measuring only four studs wide, is built to resemble an actual Hot Wheel. To put it to the test, a giant ramp with a loop and a jump is constructed using Lego tracks. The Lego Hot Wheel successfully completes the course, showcasing the creativity and adaptability of Lego bricks.


Barbie dolls have been a favorite among children for decades. While Lego no longer sells Barbie-like figures, the creator manages to find a used one online. To create a dream home for Barbie, the outside of the house is built with a large window adorned with flowers and a pink door. Inside, everything is pink, including a couch, dining area, kitchen with a refrigerator and sink, and an art easel for Barbie’s hobby. Additionally, a knockoff Barbie-themed Lego set, a giant pink car, is purchased and fits the mini Barbie perfectly. It’s amusing to see the creator’s enthusiasm as he plays with the Barbie toy, demonstrating that Lego is not just for kids.

Remote Controlled Car

Lego surprises once again by offering its own version of a remote-controlled car. The creator purchases a discontinued Lego set that includes a small dune buggy with off-road tires. The car is controlled using an app on a smartphone, and the creator tests its abilities by driving it over ramps and piles of Lego bricks. The durability of Lego bricks is evident as the car withstands the challenges thrown at it, even if the creator’s GoPro camera doesn’t fare as well.

Discovering New Toys

Seeking inspiration for more toy creations, the creator visits a store and stumbles upon various unfamiliar toys. One of them is called Doo KangaRoo, leaving the creator wondering what kids play with nowadays. Seeing an opportunity, the creator uses their mom’s credit card to purchase the toys and brings them back to the studio, feeling reminiscent of Ryan’s Toys Reviews.


Beyblades, tiny spinners that battle each other, are the first new toy the creator explores. Instead of buying Beyblades, the creator finds small tops from old Lego Ninjago sets. By attaching a mini figure to each top, the Lego Beyblades are created. However, they keep falling off the table, so the creator decides to build a custom Lego battle arena to contain the battling Lego Beyblades.

Magic Eight Ball

Remember the Magic Eight Ball, the toy that provides answers to questions? The creator decides to recreate this toy using Lego. A round black ball is built, and inside, a two-sided plate is inserted. One side is green for “yes,” and the other is red for “no.” When the ball is shaken, it randomly flips to one side, providing an answer. Unfortunately, the creator’s question about having good luck does not yield a positive response.

G.I. Joes

G.I. Joes, the tiny green plastic army men, are another fascinating toy. Lego actually produced their own version of these figures as part of a Toy Story set. The creator recollects childhood memories of epic imaginary battles and decides to build a Lego parachute using a piece of paper and dental floss. The parachute adds an extra element of excitement to the G.I. Joe playtime.

Tech Deck

Tech Decks, miniature skateboards controlled by fingers, are a popular toy that the creator recreates using Lego. A simple Tech Deck is built using plates and car wheels without tires. To enhance the play experience, a complete Lego skate park is constructed, complete with railings and a giant halfpipe. The creator showcases their balancing skills while reminiscing about being the Lego version of Tony Hawk.


A yo-yo is a classic toy enjoyed by many. Instead of purchasing one, the creator demonstrates how to build a Lego yo-yo using giant dish pieces. The result is a simple yet functional Lego yo-yo that can be attached to a string. The creator admits to being a bit rusty at yo-yoing but is thrilled that the Lego yo-yo actually works.

Tonka Truck

Tonka trucks, small construction vehicles like dump trucks, have always been a favorite among kids. The creator decides to build their own Lego version of a Tonka truck. With a giant dump truck bed and impressive functionality, the Lego Tonka truck proves to be an excellent replica of the real thing. It’s no wonder that Lego bricks are often used to create amazing cityscapes.

Other Small Toys

The creator goes on a speed round, showcasing various other small toys built using Lego. These include a Lego Kinder Egg, complete with a shiny crystal inside, a Lego Uno reverse card, and a Lego version of a shape-sorting game for babies. The creator’s creativity shines through as they construct a life-size Lego boomerang, which unfortunately gets stuck in a tree. Lastly, a pet rock and three different fidget spinners, including one that looks like a ninja star and another that appears to be on fire, are created.

Hula Hoop

For the final toy, the creator decides to push the limits and build a Lego hula hoop using a long strip of tiny bricks. While the creator acknowledges the potential illegality of using such a contraption, they attempt to hula hoop with it. Unfortunately, the flimsiness of the Lego hula hoop prevents it from functioning properly. Nevertheless, the creator’s ingenuity is evident.

Working Rubik’s Cube

The grand finale is a working Lego Rubik’s Cube. While the creator had previously attempted and failed to build one, they are fortunate to have the opportunity to try a design created by another Lego enthusiast. Using small plates to represent the different colors on the cube, the creator assembles the pieces and successfully creates a functional Lego Rubik’s Cube. They even attempt to solve it, showcasing the intricacies of the design.


Throughout this video, the creator demonstrates the incredible versatility and fun that can be had with Lego bricks. From building and testing a Lego Nerf gun, Hot Wheels, and Barbie dream home to exploring various other toys and creating their Lego counterparts, the creator showcases the endless possibilities Lego offers for imaginative play. Lego truly allows people of all ages to unleash their creativity and relive the joy of childhood.

Thank you for joining us on this journey of recreating and testing popular childhood toys using Lego. We hope this blog post has inspired you to dust off your Lego bricks and embark on your own creative adventures!

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