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Exciting Upcoming Nintendo Switch Games for the First Half of 2024

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Strive to Survive in Grounded

Embark on an enormous adventure in the upcoming Nintendo Switch game, Grounded. In this game, you find yourself shrunken down by an evil Corporation and must navigate a vast immersive world right in your own backyard. Gather resources, build your base, and craft weapons and armor to improve your chances of survival. Play solo or team up with friends in online cross-platform co-op. Uncover the mysteries of the backyard in the campaign mode or unleash your creativity in the playgrounds mode where you can build, share, and play your own creations. Grounded launches on the Nintendo Switch system on April 16th, 2024.

Ender Magnolia: A Tale of Destruction and Renewal

Prepare for an epic journey in Ender Magnolia: Bloom in the Mist. Set in a once flourishing country, this game follows Lilac, who reluctantly bonds with a homunculus as they navigate a world corrupted by buried magic. Battle rampaging homunculi and liberate them to join you on your adventure. The homunculi will become your companions and lend their aid as you uncover the secrets of the country’s demise. Experience a story of destruction and renewal when Ender Magnolia: Bloom in the Mist launches on the Nintendo Switch this year.

A Curious Journey of Self-Discovery in A Ranger’s Role

In A Ranger’s Role, you’ll guide Elaine, a young prince, on a journey to liberate five nations from the mighty Empire’s Dominion. Customize your troops and form your strategy to unleash your army on the opposing forces. Your real-time strategy planning will be crucial in turning the tide of war. During battle, you may recruit new allies or face difficult decisions that will shape the outcome of your journey. Atlas and vanillaware present Unicorn Overlord, launching on the Nintendo Switch on March 8th.

Monster Hunter Stories: Soar into Adventure

The first Monster Hunter Stories game returns in HD and fully voiced on the Nintendo Switch. As a rider, you’ll befriend and fight alongside monsters in turn-based combat to confront the black blight that plagues the world. Encounter familiar monsters from the series and explore artwork and music in the newly added Museum. Take flight in Monster Hunter Stories when it soars onto the Nintendo Switch system this summer.

Disney Epic Mickey: Shape the World with Paint

Join Mickey Mouse in the platforming adventure Disney Epic Mickey: Rebrush. After being lured into Yen Sid’s Workshop, Mickey creates a mess and becomes trapped in a magical Wasteland. Use the Magic Brush to shape the world with paint and paint thinner as you embark on an epic journey to become a hero. Explore this unusual dimension and uncover its secrets when Disney Epic Mickey: Rebrush launches on the Nintendo Switch this year.

The Resurrection of Tokyo in a Ravaged Wasteland

Enter a ravaged wasteland and experience an untold story in Tokyo Resurrection. Journey back and forth between Tokyo and another world as you gather intel on a peculiar occurrence. Prepare for dangerous encounters and prove your fighting skills as you navigate this treacherous world. Seek revenge and uncover the key to resurrection in this gripping adventure. Tokyo Resurrection will launch on the Nintendo Switch, offering an immersive and thrilling experience.

Unite and Fight in Star Wars Battlefront Classic Collection

Prepare to unite and fight in Star Wars Battlefront Classic Collection on the Nintendo Switch. Engage in iconic battles across the Star Wars Galaxy with up to 64 players in massive online battles. Play as familiar heroes and villains, including Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader, on maps like the Death Star and Naboo. This collection also features additional playable characters and maps, offering an immersive Star Wars experience. Star Wars Battlefront Classic Collection launches on March 14th.

South Park Snow No Day: Save the Town with Your Gang

Join Cartman, Stan, and the rest of the gang in South Park Snow No Day. As the new kid, you must save the town from enemy factions in this co-op action game. Choose from a wide range of iconic South Park items and cosmetics to customize your character. Battle against the Avalanche of enemies in solo play or team up with friends in online co-op. Get ready for a wild adventure in South Park Snow No Day, launching on the Nintendo Switch on March 26th.

Sword Art Online Fractur Daydream: Enter the Virtual World

Sharpen your steel for the latest entry in the Sword Art Online series. Enter a virtual world where the past and present collide. Save the world from chaos and experience a new single-player story. Take the battle online with up to 20 players in co-op play. Sword Art Online Fractur Daydream will launch on the Nintendo Switch, offering thrilling gameplay and immersive online experiences.

Gundam Breaker 4: Break, Build, and Battle

Gear up for intense battles in Gundam Breaker 4. Choose from over 250 base kits and customize their parts to build your very own mobile suit model known as gunpla. Put your creation to the test in combat missions and acquire new parts by defeating enemies. Equip more abilities and craft the ultimate gunpla. Show off your builds and snap pics in the new diorama mode. Prepare for battle when Gundam Breaker 4 launches on the Nintendo Switch.

Super Monkey Ball Banana Rumble: Roll, Tilt, and Party

Roll into action in the new entry of the Super Monkey Ball series. Over 200 brand new stages await as you tilt your way to victory. Use the new spin dash move to blast over obstacles and create shortcuts. Enjoy four-player local co-op and online battles with up to six players. Race to the finish line, grab falling bananas, and team up to take down robots. Get ready for a thrilling adventure when Super Monkey Ball Banana Rumble launches exclusively on the Nintendo Switch on June 25th.

World of Goo 2: Stretch, Shape, and Build

Get ready to stretch, shape, and build in World of Goo 2. This physics-based puzzler challenges you to guide goo into a vast global pipe distribution network. Build towers, bridges, and unique structures using different types of goo balls, each with their own properties. Join forces with friends in local co-op play and unleash your imagination. World of Goo 2 launches as a console exclusive on the Nintendo Switch on May 23rd.

Fantasy Life Ey: Craft Your Story Across Time

Craft your story in Fantasy Life Ey: The Girl Who Steals Time. Travel to a once-thriving island in the Seas of Raria, now deserted. Assume different roles called Lives, such as a miner, magician, or carpenter, to gather resources and restore the island. Swap between lives and uncover the truths about your new home. Journey with friends online and discover the secrets that lie in store. Fantasy Life Ey launches on the Nintendo Switch on October 10th.

Crab Trash: Hunt for Treasure in the Ocean Depths

Scour the depths of a polluted undersea world in Crab Trash. As a crab whose shell has been taken away, you must reclaim it by hunting for treasure. Protect yourself with whatever you can find, from cans to cardboard, and harness powerful Umami magic to take down enemies. Explore the ocean depths and discover the treasures that await. Crab Trash launches on the Nintendo Switch on April 25th.

Penny’s Big Breakaway: Dash, Swing, Ride, and Master

Join Penny and Yo-Yo in a 3D platforming adventure in Penny’s Big Breakaway. Dash, swing, ride, and master the cosmic string in over 40 levels across 11 vibrant worlds. Outrun a massive penguin army and defeat colorful bosses. Feast on power-ups, help out the Denis, and put your tricks to the test in Time Attack Mode. Get ready to dash and yo in Penny’s Big Breakaway, launching on the Nintendo Switch today.

Soua Game: Fruit Matching Phenomenon

Get ready for local two-player battles in the paid DLC for Sua Game. Choose from three modes: original, time limit, and attack. Aim for a higher score than your opponent in original mode, make split-second decisions in time limit mode, and overwhelm your opponent with bunches of fruit in attack mode. The DLC also adds online multiplayer, allowing you to battle against players from around the world. Get ready to match fruit and compete in exciting battles.

Pepper Grinder: Thrilling Drilling Action

Prepare for thrilling drilling action in Pepper Grinder. Burrow through terrain, pulverize enemies, and recover your missing fortune. Ride on gnarly vehicles and use them to your advantage. Explore the world and take on challenging missions. Pepper Grinder drills its way onto the Nintendo Switch on March 28th.

Pocket Car Jockey R: Fusion of Solitaire and Horse Racing

Experience the fusion of solitaire and horse racing in Pocket Car Jockey R. Take cards to create a sequence of numbers and build up power during a race. Strategically move around the course, grab special cards, and spend power to gain the upper hand. Breed horses and raise the next generation of ideal steeds. Race against other players online and prove your skills. Get ready for thrilling races in Pocket Car Jockey R, launching on the Nintendo Switch today.

Endless Ocean Luminous: Explore the Veiled Sea

Dive into a mysterious underwater world in Endless Ocean Luminous. Explore the veiled sea, an unexplored region that changes with each dive. Dive with up to 30 players online, share your discoveries, and freely explore the vast ocean. Encounter over 500 different species of marine life, including creatures thought to be extinct and mythical. Embark on an undersea journey like no other when Endless Ocean Luminous launches on the Nintendo Switch on May 2nd. That wraps up the highlights of the upcoming Nintendo Switch games launching in the first half of 2024. From survival adventures to fantasy quests and thrilling battles, there’s something for everyone. Get ready to embark on these exciting gaming experiences on your Nintendo Switch. Stay tuned for more updates and announcements from Nintendo.

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