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Brawl Talk! The NEW Ranked Mode!: A Detailed Overview

by Allen
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Introducing New Brawlers and Skins

Angelo, the first brawler of the update, is an epic sharpshooter who resides in the Tunnel of Love at Starr Park. His unique ability allows him to increase his damage by maintaining his shot, and he can also summon marshy terrain to slow down and damage enemies. The update also brings a new mythic brawler, Melody, who excels in long-range attacks and gains musical notes with each hit.

New Game Modes and Features

The update introduces a new solo mode called Heist, where players compete to collect trophies during the match by eliminating opponents or being the last one standing. Additionally, the Ranked Mode replaces the Star League and offers a more competitive and fair gameplay experience. Players can only use brawlers at level 9 or above, and the matches vary in format based on the player’s rank.

Exciting Rewards and Challenges

Players can look forward to earning Starr prizes through the new Ranked Starr prizes, which offer cosmetic rewards for completing challenges. Exclusive skins from previous seasons will receive new chromas and be added to the Starr prizes in the future. The update also introduces legendary Starr prizes for players starting at Diamond rank, with rewards that can be obtained monthly.

Improved Reporting System

A revamped reporting system has been implemented to address toxic behavior in the game. Players now have a reputation gauge, and repeated offenses can result in suspension from Ranked Mode. The update also adds new reporting options and limits the number of reports per day to prevent abuse.

Exciting Additions and Enhancements

In addition to the major updates, the Brawl Talk update brings a range of new features and enhancements. These include classified quests, additions to the Mega Jackpot, rewards for Glory, improved animations for certain brawlers, and the return of silver and gold skins. Players can also participate in the Brawl Stars Championship Challenge and enjoy various balance changes.


The Brawl Talk update brings a host of new content, game modes, and features to enhance the player experience. From new brawlers and skins to exciting rewards and challenges, there is something for every player to enjoy. With the revamped reporting system and additional enhancements, the update aims to create a more engaging and fair gameplay environment for all players.

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