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Brawl Stars Community Event: YOU WILL GET 100 STARR DROPS! #100StarrDrops

by Allen
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Get ready for the coolest event in Brawl Stars! We have created a special community event that will give you the chance to win 100 Starr prizes. We have worked hard to make this event happen, and now, when the worst happens, you will be thrilled!

Brawls with Friends

Introducing the Brawls with Friends community event, where you have the opportunity to fill up a progress bar and win 100 Starr prizes. But first, you must receive the worst item in the game – a rare Starr prize. Legendary prizes are cool, but rare prizes? Boom! Everyone is making progress!

Reaching 1.5 Billion Rare Starr Prizes

The goal of this event is to reach a total of 1.5 billion rare Starr prizes, with a milestone set at every 300 million prizes. Only rare Starr prizes count towards this goal. To kickstart your progress, you will receive bonus Starr prizes in the in-game store during the event. At the second milestone, your daily Starr prizes will be doubled. Then, for the next milestones, you will receive 1, 2, 3, and finally 5 random Starr prizes. It may not be the most exciting rewards, but at the end of the event, every player will receive 100 Starr prizes!

Requirements and Mega Reward

But here’s the catch – you can only claim these Starr prizes if you have 400 trophies or more. This is to prevent the creation of multiple mini-accounts that could cause server issues. And here’s the most important part – the more rare Starr prizes you collect, the higher your chances of winning the mega reward. That’s right, 100 legendary Starr prizes for 100 lucky players. So, the less lucky you are, the luckier you may be!

Duration of the Event

The 100 Starr prize event will last for 10 days, starting now. Make sure to participate and collect as many rare Starr prizes as possible to increase your chances of winning the mega reward!

Don’t miss out on this exciting community event in Brawl Stars. Start collecting those rare Starr prizes and aim for the ultimate reward of 100 legendary Starr prizes. Good luck!

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