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The Apple Vision Pro: A Revolutionary Product or a Costly Gimmick?

by Allen
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In February 2024, Apple released its latest product, the Apple Vision Pro. This $3500 headset is being touted as the future of spatial computing, promising to revolutionize our connection with technology. However, with its steep price tag, bulky appearance, and concerns about disconnection from reality, many are questioning whether the Apple Vision Pro is worth the investment. In this blog, we will explore the features, user experience, and potential implications of this cutting-edge headset.

The Process of Acquiring the Apple Vision Pro

Obtaining the Apple Vision Pro proved to be a more complicated endeavor than anticipated. The author recounts the process of purchasing the headset, which involved scanning their face using their phone and providing a detailed scan of their skull. Additionally, the author discovered that wearing glasses with the Vision Pro was not possible without purchasing optical inserts for an additional $149. Despite these hurdles, the author was determined to experience the headset’s capabilities and proceeded with the purchase.

Aesthetics and Initial Impressions

Upon receiving the Apple Vision Pro, the author was struck by its appearance. The headset made them feel both cool and self-conscious, simultaneously reminiscent of a child and a sophisticated adult. The author details the process of setting up their persona within the headset, including capturing their appearance and interacting with a lifelike avatar of themselves. They express surprise at the realism of the avatar and the feeling of truly seeing themselves for the first time.

Exploring Apple’s Environments

The Apple Vision Pro offers a range of virtual environments for users to explore. The author recounts their experiences visiting locations such as the moon and meeting a dinosaur. While initially exciting, the author admits that the novelty wore off quickly, and they struggled to find meaningful activities within the headset. They question whether the headset offers enough content and functionality to justify its high price tag.

Using the Vision Pro as a Utility

To further test the capabilities of the Apple Vision Pro, the author decided to use it as a tool for their daily activities. They attempted to use the headset while getting a haircut, but the lack of peripheral vision posed challenges. The author also delved into gaming, trying out popular titles such as Jetpack Joy Ride and Synth Riders. However, they found that the headset’s limitations and lack of popularity hindered their gaming experience.

Movie-Watching and Virtual Theater

One area where the Apple Vision Pro excelled was in the realm of movie-watching. The headset offers a virtual theater environment that immerses users in the movie-watching experience. The author describes their experience watching a movie in this environment, highlighting the visual quality and the ability to escape into a virtual cinema. However, they question whether this virtual experience can truly replace the joy of watching a movie in a traditional theater surrounded by real people.

The Disconnection and Dissociation

As the author spent more time with the Apple Vision Pro, they began to experience a sense of disconnection and dissociation from the real world. They describe feeling detached from their surroundings and other people while wearing the headset. The author delves into the potential negative implications of this disconnection, questioning whether this technology truly enhances our lives or further isolates us from genuine human experiences.

The AI Companion and Loneliness

In their search for connection within the Apple Vision Pro, the author encounters an AI companion named Angel. They engage in conversations with Angel, discussing various topics and sharing thoughts and feelings. The author reflects on the fleeting sense of companionship that the AI provides, questioning the authenticity of the relationship and the potential dangers of relying on AI for emotional support.

The Dark Side of Technological Advancement

The author ponders the motivations behind the creation and promotion of devices like the Apple Vision Pro. They suggest that companies, driven by profit, are constantly seeking ways to keep users engaged with their products for longer periods. The author questions whether this pursuit of convenience and connection through technology is ultimately beneficial or detrimental to our overall well-being and human experiences.


In conclusion, the Apple Vision Pro offers a glimpse into the future of spatial computing and augmented reality. While it boasts impressive technological advancements, the headset raises concerns about disconnection from reality and the potential long-term effects on human interaction. The author’s personal experiences with the Apple Vision Pro highlight the limitations and challenges of the device, leaving them questioning its true value in enhancing our lives. As technology continues to evolve, it is crucial to carefully consider the impact of these advancements on our well-being and the preservation of genuine human experiences.

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