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Everything You Need to Know About Disney Plus: A Complete Guide

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If you’re a fan of Disney movies, TV shows, or original content, then you’re probably already aware of Disney Plus – the newest streaming platform by the Walt Disney Company which launched in November 2019. Disney Plus is a direct competitor to Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime, offering exclusive content that Disney fans can’t find anywhere else. In this article, we’ll provide a complete guide to Disney Plus, including its history, original programming, pricing, and more.


Disney Plus was first announced by Walt Disney CEO Bob Iger in August 2017. The company recognized that there was a shift in how people were consuming content, and believed that a standalone streaming service made sense as a distribution platform for their vast library of content visiting Disneyplus.com/begin. Following the acquisition of 21st Century Fox in March 2019, the media conglomerate had a more robust vault of IP which could now be offered under the Disney Plus banner.

The service aims to be a one-stop shop for everything from classic Disney cartoons to Marvel movies, Star Wars, Pixar, and National Geographic documentaries. And with its vast library and unique original content, it’s quickly become one of the most popular streaming services.

Original Content

Disney Plus offers a multitude of original content, including dozens of exclusive shows, movies, and documentaries. This sets it apart from other streaming platforms, as it allows the company to offer exclusive content that subscribers will be inclined to re-subscribe for, month after month. Some of the most popular Disney Plus original content includes:

  • The Mandalorian – a live-action Star Wars series that premiered on the same day as Disney Plus itself. This show has since become one of the most talked-about series of the year.
  • WandaVision – a new and groundbreaking Marvel series that follows Wanda Maximoff and Vision through different decades of television.
  • Hamilton – a filmed recording of the Broadway hit that the music lovers of the world have been eagerly awaiting.
  • High School Musical: The Musical: The Series – The series follows a group of students at the school where the original High School Musical movie was filmed as they put on a production of the same name.


Disney Plus offers a simple pricing structure, which is easy to understand and straightforward. The service costs $7.99 per month or $79.99 per year. Subscribers can cancel online at any time, which sets it apart from other streaming services that require subscribers to wait until their contracted period is up. The service also offers a seven-day free trial for anyone considering subscribing.

User Experience

Disney Plus is straightforward to use. Users can search through thousands of classic movies, TV shows, and documentaries, and access them at any time from smartphones, Smart TVs, game consoles, and more. The platform has an attractive layout, with easy-to-read menus and a visually appealing interface. Ads are not a feature on Disney Plus, unlike their competitors, which will most likely enhance the user experience.

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Disney Plus is a game-changer in the streaming-service industry. It already boasts millions of subscribers and continues to win over more people each day with its extensive library of content, exclusive original series, and easy-to-use interface. From the House of Mouse’s classic movies to its new Star Wars and Marvel offerings, Disney Plus can now quench your thirst for nostalgia and give you new and exciting content you won’t find elsewhere. For anyone who loves to be entertained, Disney Plus is undoubtedly a subscription worth considering.

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