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Eating a 100 Years of School Lunches from Around the World

by Allen
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Exploring School Lunches from Different Countries

Today we’re embarking on a culinary journey to explore school lunches from around the world. We’ll be tasting foods from countries like Russia, Mexico, France, Egypt, and many more to determine which country offers the best school lunch experience.

United States

Let’s start our adventure in the United States, where a typical school lunch consists of burgers, fries, cookies, and milk. However, our experience with the US school lunch left much to be desired, as the meat was spoiled and the milk was frozen. It’s safe to say that the US school lunch did not impress us.


Next, we traveled to Japan, where a school lunch includes sushi, sashimi, miso soup, pickled vegetables, and juice. While the presentation and healthiness of the Japanese school lunch impressed us, some of us struggled with eating raw fish for the first time. Despite our mixed reactions, Japan’s school lunch left a lasting impression on us.


In Mexico, a typical school lunch features chips and guac, tacos, and enchiladas. The flavors and spiciness of the Mexican school lunch delighted our taste buds, and the affordability of the meal at only $1 made it a standout experience. We even celebrated a birthday Mexican-style with a mariachi band!


Our culinary journey took us to France, where school lunches are borderline gourmet, with dishes like snails, quiche Lorraine, salad, and baguette. Despite some challenges with certain dishes, the overall dining experience in France left us impressed. The school lunch in France is on the pricier side at €7, but the quality of the food made it worth it.


In Italy, school lunches are a culinary delight, featuring dishes like spaghetti, chicken parmesan, salad, grapes, and garlic bread. The delicious flavors and quality of the food in Italy made us feel like we were dining in a five-star restaurant. Despite the higher cost of €3, the Italian school lunch was a highlight of our journey.


Our next stop was China, where school lunches include steam buns, bok choy, eggs, tomatoes, and Chinese-style pork. The family-style dining experience in China, where students share food, added a special touch to the meal. The flavors of the Chinese school lunch left us wanting more, and the affordability at only $3 made it a great value.

Exploring More School Lunches

Our journey continued as we sampled school lunches from countries like South Korea, Indonesia, Thailand, Egypt, and more. Each country offered unique and delicious dishes that showcased their culinary traditions and flavors.

Choosing the Best School Lunch

After trying school lunches from around the world, we each had our favorites. Some of us preferred the gourmet experience in Italy, while others enjoyed the flavorful dishes in China. Each country’s school lunch had its own charm and appeal, making it a tough decision to choose the best one.


Our exploration of school lunches from different countries was a journey filled with unique flavors, cultural experiences, and culinary delights. From sushi in Japan to pasta in Italy, each school lunch offered a glimpse into the diverse and delicious food traditions around the world. While we may not have found the ultimate best school lunch, our experience was a reminder of the joy and connection that food can bring.

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